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Scatterometer Testing Optical

Scatterometer Testing Optical
Scatterometer Testing Optical
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Product Description

 S Band & C band  Scatterometes:-



The S-band and C-Band Scatterometers (S-Scat and C-Scat) consist of the following subsystems: The RF Unit (either S-band or C-band), including the antennas and all of the RF and IF electronics; environmental enclosure (Figure 3 ) including: Thermal Control Unit, Host Computer and AC power distribution; and a tracking pedestal.

Scatterometer System Specifications:

Radar Specification KAZR
RF output frequency 2.75 GHz (S-band) 5.50 GHz (C-band)
Chirp bandwidth 500 MHz max.
Chirp width (selectable) 1-20ms typ.
Peak transmit power 10mW
Transmitter duty cycle 100%
Transmit polarization Switched linear ;
co-polarized / cross-polarized
Receiver polarization Switched linear;
co-polarized / cross-polarized
LNA noise figure <2 dB
IF output to digital receiver baseband
Receiver Antenna Diameter S-band: .91m (36”)
C-band: .61m (24”)
Receiver Antenna Beamwidth S-band: 8° @ 2.75GHz typ.
C-band: 6° @ 5.50GHz typ.
Cross-polarization isolation -30 dB typical (all antennas)
Elevation scan limits 15° to 200°
Azimuth scan limits ± 200°